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With a 1K budget given by the agency, we created a range of stylish beach towels that not only look trendy but teach a valuable lesson on checking your moles for the warning signs of melanoma - the biggest killing cancer in the 15-34 age group. We partnered with Skcin, the UK’s leading skin cancer awareness charity, who were given all of our profits as a donation.


Photography: Sofija Vujanic

Models: Kieran Raph, Amber Hatchman and Kayleigh Quartey


3 Towels
5 Signs

We designed and manufactured a range of stylish beach towels that come in a range of 3 beautiful skin tones. The border of the towel acts as a guide to help you spot the 5 most common signs of melanoma which are almost always curable when detected early.

Screenshot 2022-01-08 at 14.26.19.png


In partnership with Skcin

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